Niall Ferguson recently described how America’s entrepreneurial spirit is waning. His WSJ article described the rate at which American freedom and property rights are declining. His experience in starting a variety of small businesses lead him to conclude that the process of starting an enterprise today is actually easier in the UK than in the US.

This reminded me of the book Coolidge by Amity Shlaes. We need to return to a time of small government and individual initiative if we are to revive the American experiment in self government and economic prosperity.  This picture of the Hoover Dam reminds me of a time when such initiative was plentiful in American culture.  People think of the Hoover Dam as a Great Depression project, but it really wasn’t.  The Dam was conceived and planned during the Coolidge Administration by Herbert Hoover as Secretary of Commerce.  Legislation authorizing the Dam was signed by Coolidge, and construction began in 1930 during the Hoover Administration.  The Dam is a Roaring Twenties endeavor, NOT a Great Depression endeavor.